Sunday, 18 December 2011

Finals and Goodbyes

I am off home tomorrow and i am really sad to leave here. I think it's suddenly dawned on me that i will probably never come back again. Not because i don't want to, but because there is nothing here to visit except the uni.

It's been a long time since i've posted, mainly because i've been so stressed with finals. They started on Monday and finished on Friday. Since we have had exams every other week i didn't really see why everyone thought it was such a big deal compared to the weeks before but it was stress central everywhere. 

On Thursday night we went to a place called The Neon Cactus which is probably the BEST nightclub/bar i've ever been to. You buy a giant cup for $5.00 and then fill that up all night. It's so cool because everyone has different coloured cups plus the drinks were really cheap aswell and you don't need more than two cups...unless you're an alcoholic of course. We met some cool people and had so much fun. They also had a seperate room called The Piano Room where a man sat up on stage and sang funny songs and the crowd participated.

Neon sign

Cactus cups

During the daytime. It's a huge place.
I should probably mention that we got in from The Cactus at about 5am and i actually had a final on that Friday at 3pm...which i hadn't studied for. So i had to start studying at 5am. I was not happy.

Backtracking a couple of weeks ago now.

I managed to experience some snow in good ol' Indiana. It wasn't very thick and melted the next day but it was really cool to see campus covered in snow. I do wish that i had actually got to stay here when it was really cold. I think the lowest temperature i've experienced here was 20-23 degrees fahrenheit which is about -6 degrees celcius. From what i've heard it can drop to -10 degrees fahrenheit (-23 celcius) which is ridiculously cold.

View from our room

So Heather, Tricia and I went to IHOP (International House of Pancakes) a week or so ago which was amazing. They have the best iced coffee ever (i'm pretty sure it was full of sugar, so that's probably why). I stupidly didn't take advice from James (as in my brother James) and got the chocolate chip pancakes. Not really a great idea as two bites in i felt sick. Tricia is Heathers friend and we are all in the same Neuroscience class together so i got on well with her. But in the last two weeks i felt like i got to know her so much more and she's SO hilarious and sarcastic! 

On Friday night, Heather, Tricia, Nicole, Lauren and I went to Shake 'n' Steak because i had never been and it was a must! I have to say i wasn't overly impressed, i was expecting a TGI Fridays type place but it was basically a diner that happens to have amazing milkshakes. We went back to Nicole and Lauren's house and watched a movie called The Help so it was a nice evening. Heather and I left at 2.30am and decided this was the perfect time to get slushies. GIANT slushies.

Today was my last full day here at Purdue, so i hung out with Cassie which was so much fun but also really sad when we said goodbye. We cried haha. Then i did a bit of shopping, aka bought everything that said Purdue on it. My favourite item is also probably the most unflattering. Purdue sweatpants. They are so damn comfy.

I also had a little walk around campus so i took a few photos. It was deserted as everyone has gone home for Christmas break.

The clocktower is basically the centre of campus.

Towards the main road and my dorm. This is me standing next to the clocktower if that gives you any sense of direction?

Well, it's 3am and i checkout at 9.30am so i should probably go to sleep. My residence hall doesn't have scales so i'm kinda worried that my luggage is overweight and i'll have to chuck some things away. We shall see. Can't believe i'll be home in just over 24 hours. 



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